It Starts with Helping You Find Your Story

Clients come to us because they’re stuck. Despite having a brilliant product, they can’t break out of the pack. Even though they believe they are the best thing since sliced bread, nobody is paying attention. Now that they are ready to talk, no one will listen. They don’t know how to change the story that’s being written about them. Or even where to start.

That’s a problem we can fix. At Sprauve-Harrison Communications, we help you find and tell your story. A story that is unique, gets written and repeated again and again. We help craft and articulate your point of view as a thought leader, weave it into a compelling story, and tell it to the people whose opinions and behaviors you want to influence and shape. We’re creative thinkers and adept problem solvers. We can help you grow your business through increased awareness, excitement and understanding in the marketplace.

Engaging stories are powerful ways for companies and brands to connect with people, change their opinion and get them to use your product.

Whether it’s a well-turned phrase or an artfully developed narrative, a powerful story will engage people and change how they see the world. Storytelling gives your company an opportunity to innovate. You can dare to be different, challenge assumptions, and respectfully guide others to consider new ideas or make different choices that will grow your business.


Personal relationships are critical to our success.

Whether working with you or engaging an influencer, we observe the world around us and seek to understand what makes people tick. What motivates them. What gets them to do things they never thought they could (or would). It fascinates us and fuels our passion and curiosity. And it helps us identify and solve the communications problems that are stopping your business from growing.


Attitude is everything.

If something blocks your path, we will help you find a way around it. We’ve been in your shoes and know how tight and painful they can sometimes be. Think of us as your PR Swiss Army knife. At one time or another, we’ve helped people like you through almost every reputational challenge. We’ve earned our cred by rolling up our sleeves and getting things done right beside our clients. That builds unshakable trust and confidence.


We work with purpose.

We want to work with people who are ambitious. They want results, not just activity. We hold ourselves accountable for what we do—and don’t do—and we take your success personally. To get there, we work with urgency—discovering insights and opportunities with an unrelenting focus on effective communications that drive meaningful results for your business.


We want you to be successful.

No ifs, ands or buts. We’re passionate about what we do and want to make a difference in what you do. We hate the status quo. Routine bores us to tears. The path of least resistance is out of the question. We find fulfillment in helping you expand their horizons, unlock new possibilities, and be wildly successful. We thrive on constant improvement—for you and ourselves—and that leads us to work hard and laugh harder.


- Communications Program Development
- Message Development and Positioning
- Content Creation
- Reputation Management
- Influencer Relations
- Executive Communications

- Crisis and Issues Management
- Social Media Strategy Development
- Employee Engagement
- Corporate Communications
- International Communications
- Media Relations and Media Training

- Software as a Service (SaaS)
- Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT)
- Financial Services
- Financial Technology
- B2B Technology

- Consumer Hardware and Software
- Mobile Technology
- Consumer Package Goods
- Travel and Hospitality
- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Case Studies

  • Microsoft

    With the launch of Microsoft Office 2010, the company wanted to broaden the software’s consumer appeal by positioning it as a must-have for work AND home. This required developing new consumer messaging that drove home the relevance of Office and reached influencers the company was not used to dealing with. The resulting consumer campaign targeted parent bloggers through social media and created special events to engage and persuade other key audiences. A “Holiday Survival Kit”, including a unique and entertaining package of software with tips & tricks for using Office 2010 to navigate and manage holiday stress, was sent to consumer and lifestyle publications and generated coverage of Office 2010 in holiday gift guides. Leading up to the launch, ongoing engagement with consumer, women’s and lifestyle publications resulted in coverage by media outlets that barely covered technology, let alone Microsoft. This integrated program – including video, digital assets, infographics and social media – made Office 2010 the division’s first successful consumer launch.


    When Disney decided to get into the mobile phone business with an innovative new product targeting families, they needed to weave a story that built on the strength of their brand, while introducing that brand to a crowded and unfamiliar marketplace. The resulting narrative combined the familiarity of Mickey Mouse with cutting edge innovation to make a splash in the pre-iPhone market at one of the largest mobile trade shows in the country. A broad media relations program covering business, consumer and trade press resulted in more than 2,000 broadcast, print, radio and online stories at launch and roll out. The Internet Group division exceeded revenue projections for the fiscal year.

  • Starbucks

    The reputation of the international coffee giant was being damaged by a public misperception that Starbucks was not paying fair prices for the coffee it purchased from growers around the world. After conducting a corporate reputation audit and media coverage analysis to understand the organization’s corporate reputation and identity strengths and weaknesses, a new message platform was created to address shortcomings and misinformation and to position Starbucks as a socially responsible company. Simple talking points helped baristas dispel errors during their daily interactions with customers. A media tour brought journalists to Santa Domingo during harvest to see the “Starbucks effect” first-hand among local farmers. Total transparency allowed the journalists to interact with farmers and learn how Starbucks was helping them grow coffee they could sell at a premium to any coffee roaster, not just Starbucks. This program resulted in a triple digit increase in positive media coverage year over year.

  • FICO

    The grand Poohbah of credit scores was under attack from a variety of nimble start-ups and needed to re-establish its credit score services as the premier consumer offering. Developing and implementing a comprehensive consumer PR strategy increased traffic to and reinforced the preeminence of the FICO score. The program included the creation of original content across the full range of media, including blogs, WIKIs, Twitter, and produced traditional print and broadcast media coverage at the local and national level including:

  • ServiceMax

    This late-stage SaaS start-up in field service management chafed under news media portrayals as a company known for funding and product updates, rather than as a leader and innovator in their space. A steady flow of customer profiles, executive bylined articles, provocative POV documents and promoting results from a national consumer survey, helped land a transformative article in Fortune.

Anthony A. Harrison

Sprauve-Harrison Communications is a strategic communications consultancy that excels in helping companies, brands and individuals stand out from the crowd. Anthony A. Harrison is the founder and principal of Sprauve-Harrison Communications. He is a senior communications executive with more than 25 years of experience in corporate communications, public relations and reputation management in the United States and abroad.

As a counselor to companies big and small, he has built a career telling powerful and compelling business stories—stories that get written and repeated, engage influencers and change opinions, build or renew reputations, and help businesses grow. With public relations expertise in B2B and B2C technology, financial services, and consumer package goods, Sprauve-Harrison Communications can help your business grow. We provide a tangible, positive impact on your company’s visibility and reputation with customers, partners and market influencers.

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